The Aesthetics of Losing Control

Premonition VIDEO

Premonition 2014   Artists book & Video (3 minutes, 11 seconds)

Photography, video and artists book series working with piecing together fragments of imagery from my period of study in California- The only remaining pieces of a puzzle of time, place, memory and emotion. Creating an ability to relive, re-analyse and work with subject matter very personal to myself, allowing a deeper sort of understanding. The series displays my photographs in 3 different mediums, created digitally, and through double exposure darkroom photography to create an entirely new layer of emotion and meaning. The series is inspired by a fear of losing time and memory- and those precious snippets of reality contained within a photograph. It’s my attempt to compensate for a confused sense of identity, and attempt to own a place, moment or experience. Evoked in a sort of melancholic expression, to echo photographs being seen as the death of a moment, something now unattainable and easily forgotten. My entire experience now only existing in two-dimensional matter. This is exactly what defines that specific time. Piecing together 4 months of my life, analysing and trying to decipher experiences. As my work is usually drenched in colour, black and white was perfectly apt for quite a melancholic, analytic work- an essay of time and place- if you will. Inspired greatly by Chris Marker and La Jette- although detached from the somewhat distracting spoken word. My imagery stands alone in the video piece, and accompanied with diary excerpts, musings, drawing and painting in the artists book I created. A return to analogue methods in the first instance was something I deemed completely necessary to form a deeper considered connection with my subject matter. It was an incredibly humbling and interesting process, that I intend to work with further in the future- as I believe such erratic modern day, point and click photography is something that can easily exploit subject matter- removing any sort of deciphered and considered connection, derived from a place without meaning,or care. The series has a quite nostalgic vibe, and I intended to be similar to my very collaged, juxtaposed imagery of the ‘This is not an exit’ where meaning is subverted through ‘parataxis’- fragments of reality alongside one-another without any clear connection. With a real emphasis on the idea of ‘dislocation, dislocation’, this work was my collaboration with chance, juxtaposing through double exposure and through the accompaniment of side-by-side imagery in an artist’s book that creates a complete sense of a particular period in my life. I believe in leaving traces of yourself on a work, so slightly that windows to the soul are open- if only briefly, for those who are interested enough to delve deeper and explore. Premonition takes you on a journey through barren landscapes devoid of meaning or story. You are left empty with no face, story or protagonist to follow. The figures stand masked, facing away or completely obscured- blurring any connection. The only face you see is in the book, a face on, confrontational and distorted self portrait, crudely painted. Hidden meanings and underlying themes run through the entirety of the series- never making their faces entirely obvious- yet evoking a mood that Is integral to the rest of this series of on-going work.

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